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This site is new. We have tried to design it so that it will help people who have been invited for breast screening and also be useful to those who are more generally interested in our local screening programme.

If you have any suggestions for improvements please write to:

Emma O'Sullivan
Deputy QA Coordinator
West Midlands Breast Screening QA Reference Centre
1st Floor, 5 St Philip's Place
B3 2PW

Alternatively please fill in your feedback using the form below.

Website Feedback

Be Breast Aware

Become familiar with your breasts and how they change.

Learn about breast awareness

About Breast Screening

What is a Mammography

Breast Screening (Mammography) is an x-ray examination of the breasts and is a method of finding breast cancer at a very early stage.

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Where We Screen

Where do we screen

We screen at various convenient places across the region.

Find out where we screen